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An invitation to join the Year of Volcanic Transformation

Making double efforts for fast self-transformation and volcanic yoga

Dear souls,
As you know, Baba has signalled this year as the year for achieving volcanic or intense transformation.  Last year we developed the practice of intense stage of volcanic yoga that can bring deep transformation in the self. This year we will make double efforts by practicing both intense transformation on a daily basis and on the first Sunday of each month having an intense volcanic yoga bhatti.

As a year ends, the lokik world starts to review their year by asking what they have achieved and where they have failed. On New Year’s Eve there is a resolution taken for the year. In Brahmin life, rather than once a year, there is celebration in every moment. Our resolution is to be introspective and to follow a clear goal of transformation. In the last murli, Baba said that you should be able to transform yourself in a second. However, this year BapDada doesn’t want us to practice gradual transformation.

To follow Baba in this, we need to check ourselves, and ask what has been my transformation up until now. How far have I reached in achieving my aim and object? Most of us have been working gradually on ourselves. We have been transforming our old sanskaras. However, world service rather than self-transformation has become our most powerful subject. Baba now wants us to work on self-transformation. We just need to keep in mind that everything is possible if you have determination to keep on moving.

During the Year of Volcanic Transformation, our aim is to work on self-transformation through reflection and self-checking.. To make this process intense and to bring newness in myself I must keep the aim to become BapSaman. Become aware of your present image compared with your future image. To bring such deep change and become free of the influence of old sanskaras we have to sit down and reflect on our present stage.

This year will  involve going through such a deep checking of our efforts so far that will be able to clearly see what it is that we have achieved, what I want to achieve, and what will require my attention. All these questions must be answered. Only this can fulfill Baba’s hope is that we will achieve a flying stage and become BapSaman as soon as possible. Such deep transformation is Baba’s desire for us for this year. Starting involves comparing myself with Brahma Baba to see to what extent I have become similar. What is the gap? It is this gap that I have to fill with yoga power, attention, determination…. So, I need to start reflection and checking on everything.

We wish you best wishes for the year
from Didi Nirmala and the Volcanic Transformation Team


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