Located in the Aravali Ranges, Mt Abu is a picturesque hill-station situated in the North west of India in the state of Rajasthan. 'Madhuban' (forest of honey) is the name of the International headquaters of the Brahma Kumaris.


It has hosted the International Peace Conference since 1982.
Delegates from over 40 countries, including state leaders and representatives of the United Nations have attended.
The Peace of Mind series of retreats have provided attendees with opportunities to deepen their spiritual practices and learn more about the art of meditation.
Special sessions conducted by senior yogis enables participants to explore the powers of the soul.

Brahma Kumaris World Headquarters, Mount Abu

Entrance to the courtyard of the original building of the complex known as Madhuban (Forest of Honey) or Pandav Bhavan (right). Established after moving from Karachi in 1952 the first building housed only a few permanent residents. Within this compound hundreds of thousands of old and new students have been welcomed and taken part in meditation courses, Raja Yoga camps and meetings with the senior members of the Brahma Kumaris for the past four decades. It was here that the founder Prajapita Brahma lived together with the senior administrators - the Dadis. The Tower of Peace - a four posted memorial is a tribute to Prajapita Brahma and the service he did for humanity.

Entrance to Pandav Bhavan – Brahma Kumaris HQ in Mt Abu.

The Academy for a Better World
was inspired by a vision of a modern village-style complex in a rural setting. It is the second of the Brahma Kumaris campuses in Mount Abu. It would be a village with a difference - a global village that offers individuals of all walks of life and cultures residential programmes for lifelong learning based on human, moral and spiritual values and principles. With a holistic approach firmly in mind, the purpose-built Academy strives to be eco-friendly while also taking advantage of new developments in technology, communication and education.Universal Harmony Hall has a seating capacity for about 1600 individuals and simultaneous translation in more than 16 languages. It has been designed with excellent acoustics and has both heating and cooling systems. International Center for Higher Learning has 13 seminar rooms with seating capacity ranging from 75-150 individuals. An ideal setting for experiential learning processes. The Spiritual Art Gallery is a combination of high tech audio-visual interactive programs with traditional Indian art and murals depicting international images. This unique gallery gives an experience of the 5 ages of human civilization, golden, silver, copper, iron and confluence.

Global Hospital (pictured right)
n 1991, the Brahma Kumaris initiated the founding in Mt. Abu of the J. Wattumal Memorial Global Hospital and Research Centre and this now functions as a full-service seventy-bed hospital offering free or subsidised treatment and medicine to 90,000 people, of whom about 54,000 are tribal, living in the district's 855 villages.

As a complement to the in-patient facilities, a Village Outreach Programme was devised, and the new road to Salgaon facilitates regular diagnosis and treatment of villagers' ailments as part of this programme. Ongoing primary health care educationand awareness-building is also carried out during weekly visits to Salgaon and, when necessary, villagers can now easily be taken to the Hospital for further care.
The hospital is located half way between the Gyansarovar Academy and Pandav Bhavan - about 5 mins by vehicle.

Village Outreach Programme
The Global Hospital's outreach team of qualified medical staff make weekly visits to selected villages giving free consultations and check-ups, instruction in hygiene and primary healthcare. Without this outreach programme, the villagers and tribal people will either walk several miles across country for treatment or, more often, leave ailments and injuries untreated. Suffering in silence and ignorance, the diseases can then easily spread within and between villages. This programme particularly targets the screening and treatment of TB, mother and child care, skin disease and cancer care.

J. Wattumal Memorial Global Hospital and Research Centre.

A Centre for
Wholistic Health
offering 120 beds
and many
specialist services:
Ear Microsurgery
Eye Microsurgery
General Medicine
Head and neck surgery
IOL (Intra Occular Lens Implant)
Nasal Endoscopy
Pathology services
TMT StressTest/Late Potential Analysis

Continued Health Education
This facility offers health education programmes for school children and village children, health education programmes for women and health education programmes for defence personnel (army, airforce etc). Doctors of Global Hospital give regular lectures on such topics as basic hygiene, food and nutrition to AIDS, Stress Free Living and Meditation over Medicine.

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